b'2023 Annual ReportMEMBERSHIP DEMOGRAPHICSClass of 23, MLW Delegates, and Board Members CombinedPaid MembershipGREW 22%In the Past Two Years 58%42%FEMALE MALESECOND HIGHEST NUMBER 48%52%OF PAID MEMBERSWHITE NON-WHITEIn History21 REPRESENTED 7113LIFETIME MEMBERS MARYLANDSTATESJURISDICTIONSAn Increase of 30%ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT FUNDRAISING300% Over Previous Year50 NOMINATIONSNUMBER OF CORPORATE INCREASED EVENTS HELD190% SPONSORS INCREASED Visited Every Maryland Jurisdiction Over Previous Year102 Applicants FOR THE CLASS OF 2024FIVE NEW BOARD COMMITTEES CREATEDThe Highest Number in Historywith More Than 60 Alumni Participantswww.leadershipmd.org3'